In March 2006, Paul Adler and Fiona Adler left for their attempt to climb Mount Everest. 

We posted live updates here throughout our climb, as well as during the final stages of our preparation.  We hope that this helped our friends, family and other interested parties to experience the adventure with us along the way.

Our current projects are and

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Climbing photos online, travelling in Europe

Fiona and Paul walking in the French Pyrenees. Photo Paul Adler

Paul, Fiona, Neil and Margaret in the Pantheon in Paris. Photo Paul Adler

Hi everyone, Fiona here.

Paul and I are still on holiday but we have the laptop with us and now have another set of our Everest photos sorted and uploaded to our website. This section shows all our climbing photos including lots of ladder and crevasse crossings. Coming next are shots of the high camps and views.

We're travelling with my parents and after a couple of days in Hong Kong, we've just spent 3 weeks in France. We've loved seeing Paris for the first time and doing all the normal touristy things, staying with Paul's relatives Jean-Pierre and Nicole (who showed us an amazing time), and slowly making our way down through the Champagne, Bourgogne, Rhone-Alps, and Bordeaux areas - sampling the regions' wines and foods as we went!

We're currently in Spain squeezing in lots of incredible cathedrals, palaces, museums and street walking by day, and enjoying the sangria, tapas and music by night.

While travelling, Paul and I have managed to experience some fantastic hiking in regions we've never visited before. Although we didn't bring any hiking gear with us, we were still able to do a 2 day hike in the French Pyrenees as the refuges are so well equipped. For a small fee, they can provide bedding and meals for overnight stays. We were laughing at ourselves as we set out wearing running shoes and carrying little more than a bottle of water and a light jacket - and not laughing as loudly when the weather turned to hail and then snow! Normally we're very diligent about being properly equipped for the conditions and often worry about others we see out hiking, but this time it was them pitying us! Despite the weather, the walking was beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We've also been able to climb mountains in Andorra (the tiny country squeezed in between France and Spain), and in the Sierra-Nevada range (near Granada in Spain). Hopefully we'll do a bit more when we get to Portugal too.

Hope everyone out there and back home is doing well.


PS - Some of you may be interested to read a recent article in The Age (a Melbourne newspaper) discussing the way that technology is now used on expeditions. Nick Grainger, who did his PhD on expedition communication, was interviewed and discusses his experiences, including managing our web site while we were climbing.


Posted by: Jill Upton - Dallas, TX, USA on August 26, 2006 07:33 AM AEST

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm sure you have answered this question before, but about how much weight were you carrying all together when you were on the Lotse Face?
The Yellow Band is on the Lotse Face before Camp 3 or before Camp 4? Same question re. the Geneva Spur? Is the Geneva Spur a technical climb like the Hilary Step? I feel almost like I have been to all the places you have mentioned but I still don't have a good "feel" for the Geneva Spur.
These are the most fabulous pictures I've ever seen of these places. Publish a book of photographs!
Thank you so much for the effort that you have gone to to make all of your experiences so available to us. You are by now well loved by all those who have been following you.
Continue to have a wonderful holiday!

Posted by: MC - Vancouver, Washington, USA on August 26, 2006 11:11 AM AEST

Wonderful photos! Thank you for posting...definitely looking forward to summit day pix when you get time. Enjoy your travels and I hope you get to do some scenic hiking in Portugal. I have only been to Lisbon and some of the surrounding is beautiful.
Best of the best - MC
"Testing one's limits may create a risk factor but it is the only way to find out what you are truly capable of." mc

Posted by: Jean Holt on August 26, 2006 11:48 AM AEST

Wonderful photos, Fiona and Paul. If/when you visit the US come to New Hampshire and stay in our Appalachian Mountain Club huts. Wonderful hiking, beautiful scenery and a hut with great meals, a bunk and entertainment to refresh you. We'd be glad to show you around.

Jean and Frank Holt

Posted by: Dan Griffith on September 3, 2006 12:15 PM AEST

Hi Guys,
I'm learning about your website today.
After all these months, I'm finally seeing how much work and talent went into your success on the net.

Really cool!

Hope you're having fun in Europe.


Posted by: Dena Lasater on September 5, 2006 10:34 AM AEST

Dear Fiona and Paul,
Thanks for continuing to share your travels. I can relate to your experience in the French Pyrennes. I did that hike last September and our group was also surprised with a snowstorm--only difference was, we were better equipped.
Let me know when you will be coming to Colorado or Washington State, so I can give you a few tips on interesting hikes and excursions.(And also plan a visit!)
Waiting to hear what your decision will be, Paul, on future Everest climbing.
Just read Sept. OUTSIDE mag, with several interesting articles on this year's climbing season, and tourism in Nepal. THANKS AGAIN for sharing your "continuing" saga!
Glad to hear Dan is beginning to read your website--Like a good novel, I look fwd to re-reads and when I get a "faster" printer, will print it all.
Thanks for the tip on Nick's discussion;looking fwd to reading it.

Posted by: Larry and Marianne Benvenuti on September 16, 2006 05:48 AM AEST

Hi Fiona and Paul,

See you this afternoon at Den's Dong ! Looking forward to it.


Larry and Marianne Benvenuti

Posted by: Paul Adler on September 21, 2006 09:38 AM AEST

Hi Larry and Marianne, It was great to meet you guys and thanks for lending us your dive gear so we could explore your wonderful marine life. Paul.