In March 2006, Paul Adler and Fiona Adler left for their attempt to climb Mount Everest. 

We posted live updates here throughout our climb, as well as during the final stages of our preparation.  We hope that this helped our friends, family and other interested parties to experience the adventure with us along the way.

Our current projects are and

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Fiona, Paul and Mary arrive Melbourne safely

A quick update:

Paul, Fi, and Mary arrived safely in Melbourne late on Thursday evening. All well but some baggage still on its way. They have a full day with the Melbourne media includiing an interview with Lindy Burns om ABC 774 this afternoon.

I know they'll be posting more about it as soon as they can today.

Nick Grainger on behalf of the site admin team.


Posted by: jan laing on June 2, 2006 10:21 AM AEST

Welcome home Fiona,Paul and Mary,
I'm sure it'll feel strange to be back in the normal humdrum of life after such an amazing adventure. I know your mum and dad would have been very glad to see those wheels touch down last night. How are the little ones? Not too smelly I hope!!

Posted by: Liz - Upper Montclair, NJ USA on June 2, 2006 10:37 AM AEST

Glad you are home safe and sound! Wish I could be there to greet you ...

So what do you do after Everest??!

I know my plans changed drasticly (had quite the twist of faith at EBC).

Do fill us in please.
Wishing you the best homecoming ever,

Posted by: phil Stammers > Melb > Aust on June 2, 2006 10:46 AM AEST

Hi Paul, Fiona & Mary,

Welcome home! Enjoy the creature comforts...
Glad to know you have arrived home safely and thanks for sharing your amazing journey updates. Looking forward to the next installment.
Best wishes
> Phil

Posted by: Jonathan Munro on June 2, 2006 10:48 AM AEST

Hi Fiona, Mary & Paul,
Welcome home and congratulations on your great achievements - you too Mary!Looking forward to catching up when I'm in Melbourne later in the year.

Posted by: Marlene on June 2, 2006 11:12 AM AEST

Welcome home!!! I know Sara would have loved to be there to greet you, bet the dogs are happy to have you home hope they haven't forgotten you. Melbournes winter won't seem too bad to you this year will it - regards the Trenerry clan in sunny Queensland

Posted by: Kate & Benno Claydon on June 2, 2006 11:20 AM AEST

Congratulations Fi and Paul on what was an incredible journey. Thanks for the amazing website, where so many others could join in and share it with you both.

I imagine being home must be bitter sweet - hot running water and heating at the press of a button has to be appreciated, a world away from the 'luxuries' of the climb.

Take care,
Kate & Benno

Posted by: Jo, WI, USA on June 2, 2006 12:04 PM AEST

Welcome home you guys! Enjoy your reunions, warm baths, fresh coffee (if you drink it), and R&R - can't wait to hear how you are in your own words! I think a lot of your readers here hope that your summit reflections take over the next few weeks!

Posted by: Donavan on June 2, 2006 12:50 PM AEST

Don't open the refridgerator door!!!


Welcome home...

Burbank, CA, USA

Posted by: Jiri Jirovec on June 2, 2006 12:59 PM AEST

Hi Fiona and Paul,

I started reading about your trip just out of curiosity to learn who you guys are. Later on, it became a daily routine almost as if you were my children or close friends. At the end, I was really happy for you, Fiona. Not only because you made it but also that your husband had enough respect for you and decided to abort his second attempt.

After all, there are still many challenges left. If you get close to Ottawa, I would love to bring you over to Deep River. You could try and conquer the highest peak in our area, Mt Martin (no one has ever done it with oxygen!) and then meet with our community that by and large loves adventure.

In the meantime, enjoy whatever you plan to do.



Posted by: Larry and Marianne Benvenuti on June 2, 2006 01:02 PM AEST

Dear Fiona and Paul and Mary,

Our prayers have been answered. You have arrived safely.
We wish you peace and grandeur back home.
We await the arrival of Dennis Kellner due into Miami, Florida Tomorrow morning sometime. We didn't ask Tam when so that they could enjoy some peace and tranquility together before celebrating with friends.
I'm sure we will be talking about you two at Den's Dong [ Den's Bar ]and the adventure you all shared climbing MT. Everest.
So god Bless you one more time. Hope to see you in Australia when Den and Tam climb your highest mountain.


Larry and Marianne B

Posted by: Phil M - Sydney on June 2, 2006 01:34 PM AEST

Welcome home safely.
Thanks again.
Phil M

Posted by: Jody & Stuart Cray, Melbourne, Australia on June 2, 2006 01:47 PM AEST

Welcome home!!
Glad to hear you made it home in one piece. Theres no place in the world quite like home and your own bed! I'm having lunch with Beck today - I'm sure she'll fill me in a little more on the past few days. Have a good day with the media - enjoy the spotlight! Hope to meet you all soon.

Posted by: Dena Lasater on June 2, 2006 02:28 PM AEST

Dear Fiona and Paul,
So glad you arrived home safely. I do hope (after some well-deserved R and R) that you will share some thoughts as you reminisce about your experiences. I feel like I have been following an adventure story that I didn't want to end! You have set a great example of how two persons unselfishly support each other. I admire and respect you both! Wishing you all the best in your future challenges, Dena (Seattle)

Posted by: Sus and Andrew LLOYD on June 2, 2006 03:33 PM AEST

Dear Fiona and Paul

Great to hear the fantastic news and if it wasn't for your joint effort and hard work none of you would have made it and I'm sure Fiona you thought part of Paul was up there with you.
Anyway it was great news considering we have been hearing a lot of devestating news about the Aussies on the Mountains in Nepal.

How did you find the GU products. hope they were of some help. I envy you both and you are both true champions showing the spirit that your dreams can become reality.

Well Done and look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks also for the daily updates.

Sue and Andrew

Posted by: MC - Vancouver, Washington, USA on June 2, 2006 04:40 PM AEST

Fiona and Paul
You are now officially "back down to earth" but it may be awhile before you are actually back to "reality"! Time to celebrate with your family and friends. Cheers - MC

Posted by: Greg Orchard on June 2, 2006 05:29 PM AEST

Fiona and Paul.
It has been fantastic reading about your adventure each day. Congratulations on your achievements.
Well done.
Greg & Wendy Orchard.

Posted by: Glenda Baker. Frankston. Victoria .Australia. on June 2, 2006 10:13 PM AEST

Dear Fiona, Paul and Mary,
Welcome home. I saw you all,(as well as Margaret and Neil) on the Chanel Nine News tonight.Fiona, I am sure that hug with Margaret, meant so much to you both. You all looked great, and I must admit I was so pleased to hear Fiona's last word which was "NO" when asked if she would like to return to Everest. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures through what ever media interviews have taken place. Welcome home.
Love from Glenda.

Posted by: Gareth Holmes on June 2, 2006 11:20 PM AEST

Hi Paul, Fiona and Mary,

Welcome home! I hope all goes well for you settling back into the Melbourne lifestyle after your amazing trip. Your story has certainly inspired me to make the effort to do more adventurous stuff!. Paul: that NZ mountaineering course you did way back looks good.


Posted by: Jan Williams on June 3, 2006 12:47 PM AEST

Congrats to both of you I have seen the tv coverage and love being able to tell friends that I know people who have achieved something extraordinary! I will be looking forward to seeing all the countless photos -- again well done love Jan

Posted by: Elizabeth-London on June 3, 2006 08:35 PM AEST

Glad you arrived home safely. I've had so much fun following your incredible adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Posted by: Boyet&Mabelle on June 4, 2006 01:18 PM AEST

Great to know that youre back home guys!!!! We've so much fun and thrilling experience following your exhilirating adventure,,,breathtaking, spectacular and often perilous journey to the apex of the world...Hope to follow your next adventures guys..God Bless.


Posted by: elizabeth Price on June 4, 2006 06:06 PM AEST

congrats to Fiona and Paul on your marvellous feat;I heard your interview on 774 Friday and was amazed how together you sounded after flight /sleepless nights etc.I `m an old teaching friend of Marg Harrington and congrats to the mums and dads who supported these wonderful pair.

Posted by: Allison Martin on June 5, 2006 02:48 PM AEST

Paul and Fi,
I feel like I know you both. I stumbled upon your adventure when I was researching Mt Everest for my 8th grade class. We have been following you since the start and have enjoyed reading daily about your adventure! I'm glad you have returned home safely. Congrats to both of you for a remarkable trip. Thank you for letting us come along with you. Your reports were fascinating! Take care and best wishes for the future!
Allison Martin and class