In March 2006, Paul Adler and Fiona Adler left for their attempt to climb Mount Everest. 

We posted live updates here throughout our climb, as well as during the final stages of our preparation.  We hope that this helped our friends, family and other interested parties to experience the adventure with us along the way.

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Heavy Snows at Base Camp

Dasona clearing snow from our tent. Photo Paul Adler

Location: Everest Base Camp
Altitude: 5350m
Local Time: Tues, 18th April 8pm
Weather: Snowing all day, -5C

Hi everyone, Fiona here.

We woke this morning to find that it had been snowing for much of the night and there was about 30cm of new snow on the ground.

A good time to sit tight at base camp
It has continued to snow all day, leaving over 60cm of fresh snow. We've all had to go and keep the tents clear but so far they are all holding up fine. People are saying its the most they have seen in ten years.

Although we hadn't planned to go anywhere today, other members of our group had planned to move up to Camp 1 so they have had to postpone their trips - probably at least until Thursday so that all this fresh snow can melt down a bit. Other members are already at Camp 1 so they are just hunkering down in their tents up there (we have radio contact with them and they are all fine).

It's obviously been a very quiet day here with most of us hibernating in our tents for large chunks of time - thank goodness for the Ipod and the piles of books we have here.

Slowly recovering
Paul's throat seems to be gradually getting better - kind of a two steps forward, 1 step backwards pattern. I am not getting worse so that's a good sign and otherwise I feel OK, perhaps a bit more out of breath than usual. We're seeing the doctors here every day or so and also have a doctor on our team - so are pretty confident that we're doing everything we can to get better quickly. The forced rest caused by the snowfall certainly won't do us any harm.

We are reluctant to go any higher until we feel better because going higher is likely to further aggrevate the problem. If Paul's condition was a lot worse, we'd consider going down lower for a while but he seems to be improving here, so we'll wait it out here for a bit longer.

(As a side note, some hospitals have hyperbaric chambers which deliver extra oxygen to patients to help them heal. Although I understand that this is not widely regarded as conventional medicine, having seen the opposite effect of a lack of oxygen, it makes good sense to me. Paul and I received treatment in the Alfred Hospital's hyperbaric chamber after getting some frostbite when climbing a mountain in Kazakhstan a couple of years ago.)

Good vibes
Thanks for everyone's messages and "good vibes" - we're getting them all loud and clear! It's great hearing the news from back home and all the other amazing places where we have readers. It's quite bizarre thinking about your locations and then to look out the tent here and see pretty much nothing but snow today.

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter break.

Mary - sounds like you're doing well with your training - the trek into base camp should be a breeze. We're looking forward to having you over here.

Bye for now,


Posted by: Jeff Wade on April 19, 2006 01:51 AM AEST

Hi Paul & Fiona, It's been great following your adventure on your website! My wife and I live in Boca Raton, Florida (50 miles North of Miami) & are doing our first climb in August to summit Mt Rainier - we're very excited! I hope you both feel better real quick, and wish you the best of luck on your quest!

Posted by: Marc on April 19, 2006 01:52 AM AEST

Hi Paul and Fiona,
Enjoy the snow - are you going to be making a Big Snowman?
By the way Chris and Bridge, when you read this could you please email me regarding Bergen...not sure what email addresses you are on at the moment...
Cheers Marc

Posted by: Mrs. Monette Roberto on April 19, 2006 02:49 AM AEST

Hi Fiona and Paul,
This is my first day reading your exciting adventure on Everest. John Kellner, the nephew of my friend June Nye, is traveling up Everest the same as you. I'm not so sure he's in your party, but non the less he sent back wonderful pictures via Email.
Hope the snow lets up for you soon and you can be on your way. Best regards,
Monette Roberto
Delray Beach, FL

Posted by: MC on April 19, 2006 04:49 AM AEST

Hello Fiona and Paul
Things seem to be falling into place nicely for you both. With all the new snow, you are forced to stay at BC for some rest and recuperation. Good timing. Great photo of Dasona clearing snow around your tent. Enjoy reading, playing in the snow or just relaxing with fellow adventurers.
p.s. Just a side note for Mary. The original strike in Kathmandu did end but a new strike began recently. It is a shame that there is such dissention in this region. Be safe.

Posted by: John K on April 19, 2006 05:19 AM AEST

Hi Paul, Fiona & Dennis
P&F hope you both get well quickly and Dennis, happy camping at CI & CII.
I have hestiated mentioning this but I think it might be worth some thought. Last year I read "Miracle Medicine. Hydrogen Peroxide" by William Campbell, MD who claims through his research that very careful injections of HO releases oygen throughout the body at a higher and more effective manner then the use of a hyperbaric chamber. Interestingly also he found that Vitamin C has somewhat the same effect of releasing oxygen throughout the body as does HO but at a lower rate. Stay warm in the snow.

Posted by: MC on April 19, 2006 07:37 AM AEST

Addendum to info on strike in Kathmandu.
Other sources state that the strike has been on going for 13 days, since April 6th. Either way, the situation is getting worse. The capitol is running short of supplies and inflation is sky rocketing. Demonstrations continue but tourists are not targeted and have been treated well according to trekkers who have just left Kathmandu for BC.

Posted by: Daryl on April 19, 2006 09:03 AM AEST

Nice to hear that you are on the mend
- not sure about the hydrogen peroxide therapy guys - this is the same stuff that you use to bleach your hair and sterilze things with

Posted by: Paul & Fiona on April 19, 2006 09:33 AM AEST

Funny that I (Paul ) am usually the one to bring down the other (Fiona) with the sore throat. This P&F are in Galway wishing you all the best on behalf of all the pauls & fionas everywhere.


Posted by: Steve Bird on April 19, 2006 10:25 AM AEST

Fiona and Paul,

I (and many of the people at work) have been sick with a similar illness lately. Despite the distance (both horizontal and vertical) I felt a moment of shared experience with you as I laid aching on the couch, hot chocolate in hand and rugged up (you wouldnt believe how cold it has been here in Melbourne now). I felt I'd never get up and finish laying the kitchen floor, but with the help of my very own sherpa (who also works for about the same wage) tending to my every needs, I DID!

I hope my motivational story helps.

PS - During this time I had my little boy tugging on my arm to play - do you have monkeys up there?

Posted by: Ross Agostino - Armchair Mountaineer on April 19, 2006 02:08 PM AEST

Hey guys, Glad to hear you're on the mend. I have just finished reading Ed Hillary's High Adventure, which I'm sure you have read, so I am following your climb with fresh descriptions in my mind of the original summit success. Is it possible to see more photos? How is the atmosphere at Base Camp? Anyone attempting a different route? I'm always excited when Aussies are on the mountain, so I know you will do yourselves proud. The summit is your goal, I know, but just having the courage to give it a go is enough for me, well done!

Posted by: Gareth Holmes on April 19, 2006 07:54 PM AEST

Hi Paul,

Not sure if you remember me, but I was in your group in high school in Daylesford. I was up at Tengboche just three weeks ago with great views of Everest...I would love to have kept going up. All the best to you and Fiona for your summit attempt.


Posted by: Margaret & Neil Harrington on April 19, 2006 08:10 PM AEST

Hello my little ones Well I hope things are improving for you. Bad news for us though - we were going to have an access weekend with Zoe & Zack but alas I had to cancel it because I forgot that I'm off to Sydney on the weekend - school holidays up there. We (or me mum in particular) will endeavour to try again for some access - I realise we've lost custody now but we can keep trying!! love you Mum

Posted by: Kirk Benson on April 19, 2006 09:57 PM AEST

Hello from KTM. I just arrived this morning and will be heading to Lukla/Kala Pattar on Saturday. I have really appreciated the weather reports each day in planning for my trek.

Here in KTM it seems calm at the moment, at least in Thamel and the central area. Lots of people in the streets, but fewer vehicles than I remember from 1998.

The demonstrations seem to be remaining in the outskirts and other towns in Nepal, at least for now. At the moment I don't sense any danger for western visitors who avoid demonstrations.

Good luck with the climb.

Posted by: Chris and Bridget on April 19, 2006 10:27 PM AEST

Paul and Fiona, from our place near the pool at our hotel in Jaipur, Rajastan (north west India), it too is quite bizarre to imagine all that snow at base camp!! We thought it snowed a bit while we were there! Seriously, thinking of you guys all the time and wondering how things are there. (We haven't had any gherkins served with our lunch in India yet...) All our fingers are crossed for your health to recover so you can hit the icefall once the snow melts. Must be nice to know that you can't go anywhere for a few days even if you were well enough to. Hope the library keeping you going! We saw the Taj Mahal yesterday, words can't do it justice, so we're not going to describe it, other than to say that we think we've seen the world's most beautiful building (oh, after the IMG dining tent...).

Continuing our promise to send headline news.....Tom Cruise had a baby girl named Suri! and sharemarket going strong, but no action at Village!

Thinking of you in your down jackets,
Bridge and Chris

Posted by: max & Judy on April 20, 2006 11:14 PM AEST

selamat datang from Kuala Lumpur we have been still following your escapades from sunny and mostly wet - very wet KL. Hope Pauls throat clears up without too much trouble. Maybe a shot of Glenfiddich with honey and lemon will do the trick (it has to be really - really hot) this is an old recipe handed down via Mum - Oma Adler
Love to you Both. Selamat tingal
Max & Judy

Posted by: Sheryn Goddard on April 22, 2006 07:31 PM AEST

Paul & Fiona,

I came across your website for the first time two days ago and was saddened to read of the ice accident that has just occurred!

I wish you both the best in reaching the summit and will continue to follow your progress from Sydney.